To feel a blanket fresh out the dryer against your skin.

That first fall breeze and seeing the leaves color begin to change.

The feeling of a tight hug after a long week.

When you visualize what could be.

The smell of cinnamon & the taste of apple cider or sometimes licorice.

To love shall be sweet and sour.

Exhaling to inhale…

Rehema heart …( Egyptian origin meaning compassionate)

Rehema heart, that’s what she has.

She glides, she strides, she runs & trips. She laughs, she cries but loves to dip. Her friends her family she all adores. School is cool and dance rules. Along the way she goes, she rolls. Cheerful and loving she learns new tools. Steps up, steps back , she watches the ballerina. As she is in awe and pretends to be her. Heart beat, Heart speaks she feels her chest , knowing at an early age she’s different from the rest. Thump, thump, tick, tick , her heart , her time. This precious girl has a heart no different than mine . Cautious, cautious but full of life. She glides, she strides, she runs and slides. Heart beat , heart speaks , she’s surely unique! Dance and play. Dance and play,eat healthy and make sure your heart is okay! ❤️

Don’t lead her to…. nowhere 

 Her hand, her soul, her mind.She’ll be guided for self but where are you taking her? Do you know?  She was once intrigued by a personality that showed character. Indeed but consistency in the being that was, faded. See, she wasn’t expecting perfection because no one is or ever will be but yet evolution. Do you know where your words are taking her? Is the atmosphere  you bring your woman to something she’ll remember? Or something that will began to make her see patterns. Progress, deep breaths and new beginnings. Don’t date her and let someone ask where is he leading you and her answer not be focused & closer to God or whomever she worships. Don’t lead her to nowhere. 

The Joker…no Batman

Never the same, never the same. 1.21 I began to notice… Who are you, who you were, when you’re around, when you’re away. Two faced, never the same, never the same. Your principles are there  but the ego won’t let you breath. It won’t let you be, it won’t let you see. Not just me but we. Never the same, never the same… Consistently I watched , sat back and observed the good the bad. Never the same, never the same so what grounds would I have to base anything off of… None!  Never the same, never the same, a tactic, a mind game, a sign a narcissism. Selfishness, never the same, never the same. I prayed.